Here is what WRLS has to offer you, the advertiser:

  • 40+ years of results oriented marketing
  • A target audience of adults aged 25-54
  • A creative, instant marketing resource
  • General and specific marketing selection
  • An affordable primary advertising medium
  • The “Best” return on your investment

WRLS 92.3 FM featuring Adult Contemporary Music

Northwest Wisconsin businesses have a powerful marketing weapon. Through a combination of technology and creative thinking it is now possible for any area advertiser to touch almost every significant customer by AGE, DEMOGRAPHIC CONCENTRATION, AND TECHNOLOGY PREFERENCE using just one media outlet. This advertising breakthrough means the best customer penetration, better return on your investment and the most efficient and convenient marketing imaginable. This powerful marketing tool is WRLS 92.3 FM.

In the late 1980’s the National Association of Broadcasters commissioned a major research company to study why some advertisers are highly successful in using radio, while others achieve only moderate results. Here are the key findings:

  • SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISERS RUN A HIGH NUMBER OF COMMERCIALS PER WEEK. The trend was clear. To be highly successful, advertisers should schedule far more commercials per week that what was once considered the norm.
  • SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISERS CONCENTRATE THEIR MARKETING MESSAGE ON FEWER ADVERTISING VEHICLES. In short, successful advertisers buy fewer stations than the norm. Instead of “spraying and praying,” they isolate key radio formats to get the entire width and depth of any single radio station’s listener universe.
  • THE CAUSE OF MARKETING FAILURE IS CLUTTER AND FORGETFULNESS. LEARNING IS BASED ON REPETITION OF YOUR AD MESSAGE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. In other words, to get solid advertising results, you have to run creative messages enough times per week to overcome advertising clutter and consumer forgetfulness.

Optimum Effective Scheduling (OES) works hand-in-glove with the WRLS. With heavy scheduling on the areas “Most Listened Too Radio Station”, you dramatically increase the number of listeners hearing your message a minimum of 3-4 times per day-all with less expense and effort. Radio advertisers report up to three times the results and satisfaction with Optimum Effective Scheduling.